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    Conversion action Online purchase with processed valid payment
    Cookie days 30 days
    Commission type Percent of Sale
    Base commission 10.00%

    Welcome to the Spicentice affiliate program! 

    Spicentice is a UK based family-owned business that has been providing healthy and delicious meals to thousands of individuals all over the world for over 15 years. From foodies to slimming club members, from students who need a little help in the kitchen to busy mums on the go Spicentice is here to quite literally…spice up your life and inject some excitement back into your kitchen!

    Our influencer programme is an exciting and effective way to earn an extra income by creating healthy, stunning dishes from
    the comfort of your own home.

    We are delighted that you have chosen to work with us and want to give you a warm welcome to the Spicentice family!

    Key points for members of our affiliate programme:

    - You will make 10% commission on every order made through your unique link

    - 30-day cookie period

    - Exclusive affiliate promotions & flexibility in activity

    - Strong conversion rate & retention

    - In-house affiliate team & direct dialogue

    - Regular commission payments

    PPC & voucher code policy

    Please see terms tab for full details on our PPC policy and voucher code policy.

    Please note that commission will only be paid once orders have been paid for by
    customers and commission will not be credited for orders after the 30-day cookie

    Terms and Conditions

    We pay 10% on every confirmed order(not including shipping costs) - cookies last for 30 days - payment via Paypal 1st of every month - No commission caps

    Programme Restrictions

    Unless explicitly authorised otherwise by Spicentice, the following Programme restrictions apply:

    Affiliates are not permitted to purchase, own or bid on any domain names with the word ‘Spicentice’ or misspellings of ‘Spicentice’ in the URL. For example,

    Affiliates must not include Spicentice Brand Terms, or misspelt variations of the same, in the sub-domain of their website’s URL. For example,

    Affiliates may use correctly spelt Spicentice Brand Terms after the domain of their website’s URL. For example

    Affiliates are not allowed to register the brand Spicentice or any variation of it on any social media platform. This includes and does not limit to brand + generic word or sentence as well generic word or sentence + brand. Any attempt to register such social media accounts will be a direct breach of the terms and conditions, in particular Intellectual Property Rights.

    Affiliates must not post on any official Spicentice social media platform in order to attempt to drive visitors to their webpage. picentice social media platforms include Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

    Direct linking to Spicentice websites from paid social media is prohibited. 
    Any affiliates who do not abide by these rules risk having their commissions set to zero and possible suspension.

    PPC Policy

    Commissions will not be paid where there is evidence of any paid search activity on brand terms without prior authorisation. This includes permutations, misspellings and broad matches containing brand terms (generic is fine).

    PPC bidding restrictions also apply on Google Shopping/CSS (Comparison Shopping Service). We request the brand keywords stated below to be excluded from all CSS activity. 

    Restrictions include, but are not limited to the following:    



    Spicentice vouchers·     Vouchers·        

    Spicentice codes·        

    Spicentice Voucher Codes·        

    Spicentice discount codes·     codes

    PPC affiliates are NOT allowed to bid on any Google terms or misspellings, or derivatives of our name

    Please do not use the word ‘official’ in your advertisements.

    We are happy for affiliates to bid on generic terms, however direct linking is prohibited. Any affiliates who do not abide by these rules do risk having their commissions set to zero and possible suspension.

    Discount codes

    Spicentice encourages affiliates to contact us for exclusive voucher/discount codes and additional incentives.

    Your Spicentice discount code cannot be used on voucher or coupon sites without prior written permission from Spicentice Ltd

    Affiliates may only promote codes that are provided through the Spicentice affiliate programme
    (either through our account or directly from Spicentice’s Affiliate Manager).

    Spicentice reserves the right to withhold payment of commission if unauthorised voucher codes are
    used in an affiliate sale. We appreciate that consumers may use voucher codes that they have found via a site other than that which is awarded the sale and this will be investigated before decisions on commission payment are made. Any affiliate found to be displaying unauthorised codes may also have their commission set to zero until the code(s) are removed.

    Where voucher codes are issued with an expiry date this should be clearly displayed, and codes should be removed or explicitly marked as expired after this due date unless you are advised otherwise. Any affiliates displaying expired codes without

    marking them as being expired may be suspended from the programme. Please also ensure that you observe IAB voucher code best practice guidelines.

    De-duplication Policy

    All affiliate sales are de-duplicated against other online advertising channels using a local
    cookie on the merchant platform. De-duplication channels include :

    PPC Brand     

    PPC Generic       

    Email Advertising     

    Direct Partnerships     

    Price Comparison     

    Display & retargeting advertising    

    Other Affiliate Networks   

    In house referrer scheme (further details on this can be found below)

    All referral sales will be de-duped against affiliate sales and there will be a slight change to the usual last-click method of tracking in certain circumstances:

    If a new customer uses a referral code or link then clicks an affiliate link (within 30 minutes of the first click), this sale will be attributed to the referral scheme

    If an affiliate link is used 30 minutes or more after the referral link is clicked and no referrer code is redeemed then the affiliate
    will still be awarded the last click and receive commission for this sale

    Note: Whenever a referrer code is used, the sale will not track via affiliates.

    Social Content Creators

    All affiliate content on social media must be ASA compliant, read the ASA Guide here. If you wish to use affiliate links within your Instagram Stories and other social channels, use #ad as a valid identifier to be ASA compliant.

    Breach of any of the above will result in the banning of individuals/companies from our affiliate scheme & the reversing of any commissions.